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My 2 Cents: It’s been a while since i have posted anything but when I saw this proof of concept for Microsoft’s Surface, I just has to post it.  In the past I have only been seeing different flash animations that utilized surface’s multi-touch interface but in this case you really see the potential of this technology. 

It does not hurt that I am a fan of Dungeons & Dragons but the way that this was executed was too nice…I really can not wait to get my hands on this…too nice

by Tim Stevens
posted Oct 20th 2009 at 7:58AM

Surfacescapes puts Dungeons & Dragons on Surface, makes your d20 obsolete (video)

We’ve seen some fancy applications for Microsoft’s Surface, the touchable, strokable, caressable computing device/big-ass table, but not a single one has made us twitter in nerdy glee like Surfacescapes. Created by a team at Carnegie Mellon University, it’s an implementation of Dungeons & Dragons in 3D, something that has of course been done dozens and dozens of times before, but this is different. Way different.

Surfacescapes Demo Walkthrough from Surfacescapes on Vimeo.

Click the link below to read the complete artricle...

Surfacescapes puts Dungeons & Dragons on Surface, makes your d20 obsolete (video)

 My 2 Cents:  I just don’t know why but i love seeing these new technologies come into the market all of them trying to be the best at Multi-Touch.  In my mind the one that moves ahead will not only be because of the hardware but also the software that it is run on.

Moto Labs touch screen

A new touch-screen tabletop computer display brings together the unlikely combination of technologies popularized by Apple and Microsoft.

It’s called the Scalable Multitouch display, and its touch technology is similar to the iPhone, but it would scale up from handheld device size to dimensions more like those of Microsoft’s Surface. The prototype measures just 19 inches right now, but it aspires to cover an entire 50-inch tabletop one day.

Moto Labs screens interactive display concept | Crave – CNET

My 2 Cents: Now I always thought that MultiTouch was too cool and I could not wait to see what they were going to come out with next.  Well it seems that hey have on-upped themselves with a totally new type of interface ;O)  Check out the vid below to see more…

6th Sense device

MIT Media Lab graduate student Pranav Mistry demonstrates the Wear Ur World device, which would free data from the confines of paper or screen.

(Credit: MIT)

Step aside, Apple and Microsoft. If MIT’s little Sixth Sense gadget sees the commercial light of day, we can toss our multitouch devices out the window. Who needs a Surface or an iPhone when the very idea of being able to access information by turning any flat surface into a touch-screen display sounds far more appealing? No surface available? Simply project a screen onto your hand, and voila. Shades of Minority Report?

Minority Report

In Minority Report, Tom Cruise draws information from a glove-controlled interactive wall.

(Credit: 20th Century Fox)

The folks at MIT have christened their wearable prototype Wear Ur World (WUW), a device cobbled together using everyday gizmos like a mobile projector, Webcam, and mobile phone. Hopefully, when the final product does ship, it’ll reveal a sleeker, less clunky rendition without the colored finger bands, and one that has a discreet mode for when you need to access information privately.

As a demonstration of its capabilities, the wearer can draw a circle on his wrist, prompting the gadget to project a digital clock face, especially great for the myopic.

In the near future, WUW could become an indispensible digital wrist companion to enhance your lifestyle. It could provide product and price comparison information when shopping, retrieve flight information to let the wearer know about delays, automatically pull up related information from the Web when requested, and even snap pictures when you frame a subject with your fingers.

Too bad the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Web site hasn’t yet uploaded a video of Dr Pattie Mae’s recent TED presentation. Fortunately, here’s one from Wired.com.

MIT’s 6th Sense device could trump Apple’s multitouch | Crave – CNET

My 2 Cents:  Seems like MultiTouch is here to stay :O)  Still this does seem like a novelty because of the price-tag…

Determined to make us jealous that our kids’ childhood experiences are more marvelous than ours, SMART Technologies will tomorrow unveil the SMART Table, a primary education "interactive learning center" (we’d rather call it Surface Jr.). It’ll be available Spring of next year, and will work out of the box with learning applications that can be operated by any number of kids and all their fingers. Other classroom multitouch devices are on the horizon, but most of them are a little further from market than this Canadian contraption, which includes custom lesson plans, gesture support and a (touted but unspecified) wide viewing angle. At $8,000 we’re not sure it’s an option for public schools whose budgets only have room for essentials, but if you work at a school that’s totally loaded with cash and think the kiddos would dig this, feel free to look at SMART’s short promotional vid after the break.

We got to play around with a SMART Table in a classroom full of lucky kids at Haines Elementary School in Chicago this morning, and we came away impressed with how much they loved it. The multitouch table is built on the same basic idea and hardware as Microsoft Surface — Vista PC, XGA projector, infrared camera — but it’s a custom patented SMART design, not Surface lite or anything like that. That said, the multitouch system isn’t quite as responsive as Surface, and the kid-proof plastic screen felt a little weird, but it certainly works well enough — the Table recognizes up to 40 touches (enough for six kids to play comfortably, we were told) and we saw some interesting demos, ranging from the standard rotate / zoom photo app to painting and puzzle games. Teachers get admin access with a special USB key that enables them to manage apps, and there’s an SDK in the works, so hopefully there’ll be quite a few to manage. SMART says the Table should start shipping next spring for somewhere between $7,000 to $8,000 each — obviously the company will be targeting school systems with its extensive SMART Board sales network, but well-off parents will be able to score one for their hopelessly spoiled darling children as well. Check a few vids of the table in action after the break.


SMART pulls the cloth off multitouch table for school kids – Engadget

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