My 2 Cents: For all of you that just got that phat sexy new plasma looks like there might be something even nicer on the horizon. Been reading about OLED’s for a couple of years but mainly for they use in laptops because of their improved power consumption amongst other benefits, but now it seems they are going to be hitting the mainstream..sooner rather than later…Can’t wait to see when the flexible / paper monitors start to become mainstream as well ;O)

Competition: so beautiful in its simplicity, so effective in its execution. Sony just authorized an additional ÂĄ22 billion ($210 million) as it aims to produce “medium-to-large sized OLED panels” in fiscal 2009. For Sony, that’s the year spread from April 2009 to March 2010. Not coincidentally, that’s the same production timeline that Samsung is on. Oh, the OLED game is so on.

Sony plans “medium to large” OLED panels in FY2009 — Samsung trembles – Engadget