My 2 Cents:  For those of you out there that have been trying to expand the range of their wireless network, this might be for you.  This is defiantly something I am going to be getting when I have time I will be checking out.  It sucks that there has to be a direct line-of-site but it seems that that might change shortly.  Especially on an island you can probably have a lot of fun with this device and be able provide a simple and free/cheap service to the masses…once you get line-of-site out of the way ;O)

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If you’ve tried every antenna and extender on the market today with subpar results, HD Communications is apt to become your new best friend. The outfit has just revealed its HD26200, a “complete outdoor wireless network bridge in the 802.11b/g unlicensed 2.4GHz band that sells for only $318.” Said device bridges wireless internet between two locales up to 5 miles apart without requiring a single RF cable, being that both Ubiquiti network radios are powered over Ethernet. If you’re looking for the catch, the bridge does require a direct line of sight between the two locations, but the firm is reportedly looking to expand its non-line of sight family by the summer’s end.

$318 WiFi network bridge connects two locations up to 5 miles apart – Engadget

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