My 2 Cents:  Now this is what I call true ingenuity…you would think that is he would have made his wives use fake ID’s…but still very savvy ;O)

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A criminal mastermind named Mitsuhisa Kobayashi has been arrested for a series of GPS-related car thefts in Japan. According to reports, Kobayashi was responsible for stealing eight cars in the Hyogo Prefecture, five of which he sold on the internet. The man — a former auto factory worker — used two ex-wives to rent the cars, and would then make copies of the keys and install GPS units or cellphones with GPS capabilities inside the vehicles. Kobayashi would use the devices to track the cars’ locations, then steal them once they had been moved from the rental firm. Unfortunately, his accomplices used ID’s which led the authorities right to his front door.

Japanese super-thief uses GPS to steal rental cars – Engadget

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