My 2 Cents:  For all you Wii lovers out there seems like you might soon be able to have just as much fun on your PS3 if Sony has anything to say about it…  I defiantly will be keeping my eyes on this console now especially since SOCOM has been released as well…sooo many choices to little $$$.  Still when it comes to online gaming I think that XBOX360 is still defiantly ahead of the pack…

Considering how little attention the PS3’s motion-sensing functionality currently receives, we’re not inclined to think that Sony’s making an even deeper push into the Wii’s territory, but a site called Playstation Lifestyle says that Sony conducted focus-group testing on a controller similar to the Wiimote earlier this year. Apparently the device was mounted on a foot-tall mini-tripod, and was demoed with tennis, fencing, and paintball mini-games, as well as used to play Quake on a laptop. That’s not to say that Sony’s ever going to bring this stuff to market, but it would certainly be interesting if it did — and coupled with those persistent Xbox 360 remote rumors, the gaming landscape could suddenly be overrun with people miming tennis.

Sony secretly working on a PS3 motion controlling remote? – Engadget

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