My 2 Cents:  For all you Mac-Air peeps out there this is for you…I really think that this is a really well done case design.  I personally have not had a chance to play with this bad-boy but its time will come…actually I think that I will be waiting for the next generation to come on the scene…

(Credit: Vaja)

It’s nice to see that someone is showing a little originality when it comes to cases for the MacBook Air. Until now we thought all of them would be some form of the inter-office envelope look, with the only variation being the occasional cowhide option.

Granted, Vaja’s “Ivolution Leather Suit” does take the bovine route as well, but it’s distinctly different from other models in some basic ways. Namely, it’s meant to stay on at all times, hugging its charge like a wetsuit while allowing it to breathe through mesh vents sewn into the case, as Gizmodo notes.

It’s really more like a phone case, which makes sense because the Air’s perceived fragility would likely draw more owners to something like this than the hoi polloi and their standard workaday laptops. And true to Apple’s design sensibilities, these cases are handmade to order from more than 1,000 colors–for prices that start at $280.

MacBook Air gets a leather catsuit | Crave, the gadget blog – CNET