My 2 Cents:  Here you will find the list of finalists for the next-Gen PC’s to come.  Some of them are truly intriguing but others are just nutty.  See what you think with the link below…

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Napkin PC Napkin PC
1st Place Judges Award & Chairman’s Award Winner
Entry #863
Avery Holleman

The Napkin PC is a multi-user, multi-interface, modular computer designed for creative professionals to collaborate and bring their greatest ideas to life.


2nd Place Judges
Entry #995
Taeho Wang, Minjoong Kim

WITHUS is the computer helping a preschool children shape the right values and human relationship by driving them into playing and learning with multi human interactions. Existing computer environment plays important and useful roles in various areas such as education, work, entertainment, and communication. However, it prevents direct interactions between two human or human and society. It is because current PCs are replacing the past human activities which need real contacts among people. It makes more difficult for young children to grow as an adult with right value and personality.
WITHUS solves the above problems of current PC environment. A kid as a user is attracted to enjoy more various and interesting contents with their friends by physically connecting his/hers with friends’ WITHUSes. Various firsthand experiences and collaborative activities through WITHUS promote the kids to grow as a social being by learning cooperation and compromise.


Backpacker's Diary Backpacker’s Diary
3rd Place Judges Award & Public’s Choice Award Winner
Entry #944
Zhongren Zhang, Chun Yang

Backpacker’s diary is a PC concept that integrate with the form of traditional book, the target user is the enthusiastic travelling fans. In this “book”, different pages include different functions, like media recording, solar recharging and EL illuminant. The approach of reading a book takes the traditional way of operating computer, which encourage those backpackers to experience and share more about their

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