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Google shows off masked Android handset

My 2 Cents:  This is a little peek for all ya that have been waiting for Google’s splash into the mobile-phone OS market.  From the looks of it, Android seems to be off to a good start as can be seen in this live demo… 

It looks like Google was doing its best to spread Android fever in London this morning, with it taking advantage of its Developer Day event to show off a working Android phone for the first time in Europe. While Google apparently wasn’t quite ready to take all the wraps off the suspiciously Dream-like handset itself, PC Pro reports that it looked “far more polished” than it did in earlier leaked videos, and that by all accounts it was actually a “finished commercial device.” Google’s Mike Jennings was, on the other hand, more than eager to talk about the OS, and he even dropped a tantalizing “why not?” when asked if Android could be used on devices other than phones. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any video of the event available, but you can check out a few first hand reports by hitting up the links below.
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Update: Video of the event has been found (thanks, rxgator). Head on past the break to check it out.

Google shows off masked Android handset – Engadget#content

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