My 2 Cents: If you are an Eee PC owner like me then this might interest ya…some of them seem really nice…will let ya know when mine comes in…

Your ultraportable laptop can be cute, too. This skin, called Mon Jardin Secret, fits the MSI Wind U100.

(Credit: Skinizi)

With more and more Netbooks appearing by the day, it can be harder to tell one apart from the next.

Skinizi, a French company that makes skins for mobile devices such as laptops and iPhones, is getting in on the customization action with its newest set of skins for ultraportables including the Asus EeePC 70X, Asus EeePC 90X, and MSI Wind U100.

The skins should provide good protection against scratches and add a variety of visual effects, from avant garde to retro to cartoonish. You can choose from a collection of predesigned images, but unfortunately, you can’t submit your own. For unlisted laptops, you can still find skins by providing the dimensions of the device.

All Skinizi’s skins have graphics created by professional graphic designers and promise fast and easy application without air bubbles and easy removal without leaving marks on the device. You can get the skins now for about $35 apiece.

Give your Eee PC a facelift with Skinizi | Crave, the gadget blog – CNET