My 2 Cents:  This is a little update for all ya graphic peeps out there…  I am avid user of most of the applications that make up this suite especially Photoshop and Flash.   I hope that this next version will be as good of an upgrade as CS3 which was a huge advancement in my mind ;O)

Will give an update when i am able to test this baby out…

Adobe’s Creative Suite 4, which was officially unveiled today, is huge. There are actually six suites: Master Collection, Design Premium and Standard, Web Premium and Standard, and Production Premium, each offering a different selection from around 20 individual applications; the Master Collection has the lot. So what’s new? The first thing you’ll notice is a new look and feel across all the main applications, making them more attractive and more consistent than before. Tabbed documents in applications like Flash and Dreamweaver are great to work with. The 2005 merger, which brought Adobe’s Photoshop, Acrobat and InDesign together with Macromedia’s Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, is now mature and there is deep integration.

You can see this in the new Photoshop Smart Objects in Dreamweaver, which lets you insert a Photoshop image and have it stay up-to-date if the source changes, and in the way Acrobat PDFs can natively host Flash content. The second thing to note is that most web and design professionals will need some parts of CS4, if only to keep up with the growing use of standards like H.264 high-definition video (and its consumer variant AVCHD), which is supported in Flash 10 and in Adobe Media Encoder, or authoring for Acrobat 9. There is also the usual price hike for UK customers versus those in the US: the Master Collection is £1,969 versus $2,499 before tax, around 45 per cent more expensive at today’s rates.

Source: Vnunet