My 2 Cents:  Leave it to Dubai to create a 33-Story high display…I love this place!!! I thought that having a indoor ski slope in the dessert was a luxury….HALO anyone :O)

By this point, you should fully understand that "Dubai" and "world’s largest" go hand-in-hand, so it’s quite fitting that said city is receiving the planet’s most humongous LED screen. Designed by UAE development company Tameer Holding, the 33-story high display will reportedly be "embedded on an intended commercial tower in the Majan district of Dubailand," where it will stand tall and blast out advertisements to onlookers some 1.5-kilometers away. Dubbed Podium, the building will also house 33 levels of "premium commercial office space, two floors dedicated to retail and four floors for parking." There’s no word on when the project will be completed, but we don’t suspect Tameer will be dragging its feet in getting this up.

World’s largest LED screen coming to Dubai – Engadget