My 2 Cents: Seems that there is going to be a new mobile brower browser on the scene which alot allot of Fox FANS will be happy about.  Right now it is only for windows but we will probably start seeing it for other devices shortly…

Just last week we got word that a Firefox Mobile alpha version might be coming down the pipe a lot sooner than expected. Low and behold, screen shots have been leaked. As many could have guessed, the first version we are seeing is sitting pretty atop Windows Mobile. Sure we would love to see Firefox Mobile, codenamed Fennec, on some other platforms but let’s be honest – Windows Mobile is definitely in need of some browser love more so than most other competitive smartphone platforms. Hopefully there are some other versions in the works as well; BlackBerry and S60 could surely use the help, especially from a mobile browser that manages an Acid3 Test score of 88/100! Long story short, it looks hot and we want it now. According to the source there will definitely be a version of Firefox Mobile available to the public before the year is out so all you Windows Mobile users out there should get ready to make the rest of us slightly jealous.

First screenshots of Firefox Mobile for Windows Mobile : Boy Genius Report

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