My 2 Cents:  Seems like everyone wants to be like ASUS and that would defiantly have to include Microsoft.  Seems like the idea of a machine that boots up in mere seconds might be a good idea after all :O)

I know that I would love to have one of those SplashTOP boards from ASUS for a quick 5 sec startup….Even though this will be a limited app experience it would be  useful for those quick online CHK’s….

Hmm, what have we here? A recent Microsoft survey sent out to select users has us wondering what on Earth the mega-corp is planning to do next, and judging by the looks of things, it has everything to do with Instant On. We’ve seen a number of these lightning-fast boot applications, with the most recent being ASUS’ Splashtop OS and the iteration loaded onto Dell’s freshest Latitudes. The survey makes mention that the "Instant On experience is different from ‘Full Windows’ because it limits what activities you can do and what applications you have access to." The survey also asks about which applications would be most important to have quick access to, and it very plainly states that in this "scenario," your PC would "be usable in eight seconds." So, is Instant On coming to Windows? Who knows — but it’s clear someone at Redmond is giving it some thought.

Microsoft survey hints at Instant On OS concept – Engadget