My 2 Cents:  This is for all ya that have been keeping track of the G1…I personally can not wait to get my hands on one but I am willing to wait for v2 :O)

One of the big draw-backs of the device was the lack of a sync tool for Outlook / Exchange but that seems to have changed, though it is limited but that should change shortly, especially with the loyalty that this platform is seeming to get from its supporters…

contact sync android

When you sit down and compare Android to the various mobile platforms, the lack of Outlook/Exchange sync support is one of Android’s most notable deficiencies. Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, S60 and even the iPhone support Microsoft Exchange but not Android. Stepping up to address at least part of this shortcoming in Android are Wrike and Intermedia. These two small companies have collaborated and produced ContactSync, a  wireless tool that will sync your phone contacts with the contacts on your Exchange server. This is a relatively basic application at this point offering only one-way syncing from your Exchange server down to your phone. Future versions will be expanded to include full two-way syncing that will merge and not duplicate contacts. We know it won’t knock your socks off as the ultimate Exchange sync tool that propels Android over the top, but you have to give it credit for being an admirable start. Once the G1 is in the hands of the people and demand for Exchange support increases, we expect developers, like Wrike and Intermedia, to step up and give us the full two-way Exchange tool for which will be clamoring.


Wrike and Intermedia to launch ContactSync, Exchange/Outlook sync tool for G1 Android : Boy Genius Report