My 2 Cents:  This is just an update on the removal of a new feature slotted for the re-designed XBOX live experience: The Primetime Series of Interactive Games…

A screen from the new Xbox Live Experience, which is set to launch on Nov. 19. Microsoft is now delaying one critical element of the service, the Primetime series of interactive games, according to a published report.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Updated 1:42 p.m. PDT: Adds Microsoft comment.

At E3 last summer, Microsoft said it would soon be unveiling a new piece of its larger Xbox Live puzzle known as "Primetime." Essentially, it would be an ongoing series of game shows that players could participate in with friends using the soon-to-launch new Xbox Live Experience.

But Forbes reported Wednesday that Microsoft has decided to put off the launch of the Primetime element of XBE until spring, citing technical reasons.

"Aaron Greenberg, group marketing manager for Microsoft, said the company is still very dedicated to the concept of Primetime and continues to work on it," Forbes reported. "And, to be honest, the Redmond, Wash., team could find a way to make the delay a good move ultimately. If nothing else, the company will have more time to polish Primetime."

The plan, however, had been that the Primetime offering would be integral to the full Xbox Live Experience, which is scheduled for a Nov. 19 launch. Now it appears that Microsoft is going to have to tuck its tail a little bit between its legs as it pulls back on that original E3 promise.

The new Xbox Live Experience has a series of noteworthy features including a new avatars system, online game playing parties, and party channels and more.

Microsoft had this to say on the topic:

The New Xbox Experience is our most ambitious undertaking and a platform that will grow over time, with the addition of new and exciting features for you, your friends and your family. Consumers will see a groundbreaking experience starting this November, with a new, easy-to-navigate interface; access to a vast catalog of arcade games; and the addition of 12,000 movies and TV episodes through Netflix, creating a full entertainment library of more than 30,000 HD and standard movies and TV episodes available on Xbox 360. Building on this experience, Primetime will get its own spotlight in the Spring of 2009.

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