My 2 Cents:  Now some of these would be quite useful indeed :O)

Yo, Mama Automatically sends your mother a loving text message — right before she calls to ask why you never call.

OhYeah? A microphone-based utility that instantly translates a flat one-liner into a witty bon mot. Face!

iNebriate A voice analyzer that determines if you’re sauced and shuts down the phone before you drunk-dial your ex.

StarGazer A GPS-tracking app that pings you when celebrities are in the vicinity — so you can stalk them.

iNewton Turns your iPhone into a perfect re-creation of the coolest PDA of 1993.

CoryCaddyTM A voice sample of blogger Cory Doctorow continually reminding you that your iPhone is a pathetic piece of DRM-riddled crippleware. (Also works as a ringtone.)

WherzDaBoss? A GPS-tracking system that gives real-time updates of your boss’s location and warns you when the overlord is within earshot of your desk.

Meta-4 Crafts metaphors and similes faster than a $2.99 Indian buffet passing through your digestive tract.

Peril-Sensitive Screen Sentry Turns the display black if you get bad news via chat, SMS, or email.

GPAss Analyzes the background conversation of any room to tell you who the asshole is. Not finding one?

10 iPhone Apps We Wish Existed