My 2 Cents:  This is for ya iPhone owners that have been pissed about the short battery life for your device.  I know that some of ya think that it is a perfect device but i think that if you really use it the way that is meant to be used it will die…  It does seem like a good design and if it works seems to be a good device…

Been cursing your iPhone 3G‘s disappointing battery life? Don’t have the heart to saddle the thing with that big ol’ Juice Pack? The Power Slider by Incase promises to double your phone’s power for up to 5 hours talk time on the 3G network (10 hours on 2G), increase your audio playback time to 26 hours, and increase your video playback time to 7 hours. If that wasn’t enough, the iPhone can be left in the case while you sync it — saving wear and tear on the case and on your phone. While the Slider isn’t as svelte as your raw, naked iPhone, at the very least it manages to keep roughly the same shape (even if it does fatten it up quite a bit). No pricing yet, should be available starting November 28.


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