My 2 Cents:  This is a nice little update for all ya windows mobile peeps that want to me more like RIMM.  Seems that you might be able to run a virtual BB OS very soon with this nice little application…well maybe not so little it seems…32MB.  Hopefully you will be able to install it on a SD card.  I will post an update once I have been able to actually try it out.

I just got some more details from our tipster about the BlackBerry Application Suite (BAS) that we caught on camera and video. Its interesting to note that BAS was supposed to be released back in mid 2007.

  • Its a application that runs on Windows Mobile 6 devices
  • It can startup when the device boots
  • Features almost exactly the same as RIMs native OS including email & maps support
  • Supports IT policies inside the application along with BlackBerry MDS
  • It is based on OS 4.2.1 but that will change soon
  • Navigation is through a Touchscreen, Dpad, or keyboard
  • WM can connect to a separate APN, simultaneous APN connections are supported (You can connect to a carrier APN via WinMo and Blackberry APN via BAS) This is a HUGE improvement over BlackBerry connect.
  • Features:
    • BlackBerry Email including attachments
    • RIM Instant Message clients work Gtalk, Yahoo IM, AIM, Windows Live
    • Can send and receive PIN messages and BlackBerry Messenger
    • Supports BES sync of calendar, tasks, address book, & memos
    • PIM/Email databases, unlike BB Connect, are separate. Thus you can have two Exchange accounts (one via WM, one via BES) syncing fully.
    • Browser works just like BlackBerry browser allowing or intranet access on BES
    • Integrates with the phone so you can make calls and all even from links on websites
    • Allows for caller ID in the phone application
    • You can access your windows mobile files from the BlackBerry OS though the opposite is not possible
    • You can easily switch between the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile OS
    • Supports easy switching between landscape and portrait view
    • It works with BIS 2.4+ or BES or both
  • Limitations:
    • Blackberry Maps is there but it is not location aware.
    • It cannot access physical hardware, such as GPS, Bluetooth, though since calls are through WM, you can use a BT headset.
    • Video play is not supported.
    • You can install most BB apps, though some may not support VGA resolutions (should be fine on HTC Kaiser, as it is QVGA)
    • Currently not all WM devices are supported, only HTC Kaiser, HTC Raphael and HTC Niki. Xperia X1 support is coming down the pipe.
    • App uses 32 Mb (1Mbx32 files) to simulate BB filesystem

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