It sounds like Shuttle was being a little optimistic in January when it promised a $99 barebones PC and a $199 version with a full complement of internals and a Linux OS. That said, the KPC is still a decent deal, with the K45 barebones kit including quite a bit to be getting on with for $199, and the K4500 pre-configured system offering an Intel Celeron 430 processor, 512MB of RAM, an 80GB HDD and Foresight Linux pre-installed. Other perks that are present even in the barebones kit include Intel GMA 950 graphics, gigabit Ethernet, 5.1 audio, WiFi and a decent bit of room to grow. Newegg should start selling the K45 this weekend, while Shuttle will be selling a user configurable K4500 soon

Shuttle’s KPC ready for prime time, starts at $299 for a ready-made unit – Engadget