My 2 Cents: Now if you were still holding out for your iPhone I think that it has hit rock bottom for at least a day…  At this price I am really considering it but with signs of a fleet of android devices coming out soon I think I am going to have to wait…Late Christmas gift anyone :O)

If this isn’t AT&T trying to push the iPhone down your throat, we don’t know what is. First, refurbs were dropped to just $99 and $199 for 8GB and 16GB iPhones, respectively. And now the voice of Vito Corleone is ringing in our heads, “Make them an offer they can’t refuse…” From now until December 31, which is going to be here sooner than later, AT&T is taking an additional $50 off the refurbished iPhones.

They must have a ton of refurbs in stock from the mad exchanges and returns from earlier this year. Oh, and one more thing to sweeten the deal (as if it wasn’t cavity-inducing enough): 2-day priority shipping is also free, an unusual offer during the holiday season. Is there really any excuse not to pick one of these up if you had been holding off on it? Hell, just go ahead and add a family line you don’t need!

UPDATE:RCR has updated their story and corrected it; refurb iPhones are at $99 and $199, folks!

[Via RCR]


iPhone madness: $49 and $149 for refurbs until Dec. 31 : Boy Genius Report

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