UPDATEFor great and simple paid solution chk out this post, it works perfectly, as far as I can tell :O)

My 2 Cents:  I am so happy that I found this post below because I was trying so many different software’s (paid and free) and none of them worked quite the way  I needed them to and even when they did they were atrociously slow, until now.

I defiantly would recommend using HotSpot Shield in order to access Netflix abroad and once you start to add items to your instant queue, you can then watch them through your XBOX360 / RUKO / any Netflix enable device :O) too nice…

The only drawback is since it is free they do push some advertising but for the service provided I do think that this is acceptable…unless it gets a little too much :O)

Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree

If you have Netflix and travel outside the USA or go abroad, you still can watch Netflix from outside USA. The method we told you earlier about in how to watch Hulu and American TV abroad also works with Netflix.

Netflix is a great service for watching movies and tv shows on demand.  With an 8.99 monthly membership members can access Netflix and watch unlimited movies and shows.

Two Methods for Watching Netflix Abroad

1. HotSpot Shield. Our first recommended method is Hotspot Shield.  This free program will disguise your internet to make it look as if you were in the United States.  We’ve also been able to watch such internet TV sites as Hulu using Hotspot Shield.

2. Ultrareach. This second method is not as reliable as HotSpot Shield in our opinion, but it functions nearly the same.

How to Watch Netflix Abroad, Watch Netflix Outside the USA | Free TV Online Click for Nick

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