My 2 Cents:  Seems that Sony might have bit the bullet and dropped the price of their pretty console.  Not sure if its Dell’s taking the initiative but it is nice to see that the price is finally dropping…don’t think that it is low enough for me to get one yet though…  SOCOM anyone :O)

PS3.jpgHave price cuts finally come to Sony’s (SNE) PS3?

Right now, Dell (DELL) is selling the PS3 for $340 with free shipping. It’s not clear if the discount is coming from Sony or Dell’s side, but there’s no obligation to bundle the console with a TV or PC. (Sony execs told SAI last month the only price cuts planned for the PS3 were for game consoles bundled with Sony Bravia HDTVs.)

It’s hard to say if this is a one-time offer or if Sony is feeling out a new price point for the console. But with December game console sales results expected later today (and with Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360 expected to trounce the more-expensive PS3 in holiday sales), making the PS3 price cut permanent could put Sony back in the game.

We’re on the phone with both Sony and Dell, we’ll update as we hear more

Price Cuts At Last? Dell Selling PS3 For $340 (DELL, SNE)