My 2 Cents:  I love this stuff…now here is a beautiful vid that Microsoft put out showing us their view on where the world of technology is heading.  Right not the possibilities seem to be without bounds…and I think that TOUCH technology is driving all of this new innovations and that it does not matter if its be on a phone / computer / table … only how it can be integrated into our everyday lives seems to be the goal…very inspiring…at least I think so…

At the recent Wharton Business Technology Conference, Steven Elop, president of Microsoft’s business division, unveiled the latest future montage video from Microsoft Office Labs. The video, known simply as 2019, provides a sneak peek at the future according to Microsoft.

The widespread use of surface and touchscreen devices coupled with ubiquitous wireless connectivity provides a future worthy of any science fiction novel. It is an interesting watch and will be even more interesting as the future unfolds and we see which of these technologies come to fruition. Hit the jump for the video.

Microsoft unveils its vision for the future : Boy Genius Report

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