My 2 Cents:  Now when it comes to rumors no-one is more used to it than apple…but this one seems to be very plausible even though they said that they would not get into the netbook market because they would not be able to put out a good product. 

From the looks of it this one could really be a winner and I for one would love to have something like this even though i despise most of apples products…

I currently use my loving eeePC 901 but to have a full HD touch like the mock-up below would be very nice…but the only thing that matters when it comes to netbooks is battery life in my mind…but we will have to see what comes out later this year :O)

Concept art for an Apple touch-screen Netbook.

(Credit: Gizmodo)

Updated at 4:09 a.m. PDT March 10 with new information from Dow Jones Newswire. This story was originally posted at 9:44 a.m. PDT March 9.

Take this for what you will, but the Apple rumor mill is churning with word that the company has a touch-screen Netbook in the works that will hit the market in time for back-to-school sales later this year.

Citing an article by the Chinese-language Commercial Times, DigiTimes reported Monday that "Taiwan-based Wintek will supply touch panels for Apple’s new Netbook, and shipments will start in the third quarter this year." DigiTimes also claimed that Quanta Computer will manufacture the new device.

Now Dow Jones Newswire has posted an updated story that expands on the DigiTimes report. "The mini laptop computers will likely have monitor screens that are between 9.7-inches and 10-inches," an unnamed source told Dow Jones. Another person added, "Other specifications and functions are still under evaluation." The report also claimed Wintek would make the touch-screen displays and Quanta would assemble the new computers.

Chiming in on the rumor, Engadget posted a mock-up of an Apple Netbook that has a keyboard. Meanwhile, Silicon Alley Reporter stuck with its earlier speculation that Apple will simply do a larger version of the iPod Touch (it’s calling the device the iPod Touch HD).

Personally, I’d rather see Apple go with a more straightforward Netbook approach that simply adds some Apple design flair to 10-inch Netbooks already on the market, with three models ranging in price from $599-$799.

Of course, Apple could just bring the price down on the MacBook Air and indeed bulk up the iPod Touch to differentiate its "Netbook" from other Netbooks already flooding the market.

Apple touch-screen Netbook rumors heat up | Crave – CNET