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Find My Iphone – Lost/Stolen iPhone App [FindMyI]

image My 2 Cents:  It has come to my attention that with phones getting more sophisticated and more expensive they have become targets, especially the iPhone…not that your beloved blackberry is any less important to you.

I recently came across this app, which is only available to jailbroken phones but is a must have if you want to keep tabs on your lovely device.  FindMyI which can be found in cydia…too easy…just install and register app which takes only seconds…i tested it on my 3G and it works perfectly :O)

Update:  This would also be a great app to keep tabs on the kids as well, but a little expensive to be forking out an iPhone…

Update2: After a little more testing i think that is a little more buggy that I had originally thought but I hope that they are able to fix them soon :O(

Their new BETA site:


What is all this for?
It gives you the ability to remotely track an iPhone or iTouch. This can be used to keep track of a stolen phone, or even phone of a family member. While a phone is out of your possession, we have features to recover data, track the phone, and lock others out of your phone.
Is it secure?
Yes, and for those with privacy concerns, we do not store any location data or private data until you choose to start tracking your phone.
What does this do?
This application runs on your phone, and contacts our website every (configurable) number of minutes. Using the website control panel, you can track it (with Google Maps) or remotly accomplish a number of tasks. We also offer continuous tracking for locating family members. When tracked, the phone can’t change settings.
How is this different from the alternative products?
  • Runs in the background. AppStore apps require the thief to open an application, this doesn’t.
  • Does NOT ask "Would you like to allow FindMyI to View your location" after FindMyi is setup
  • Configurable in all web browsers, and in the application itself.
  • Stealthly
  • Receives minor updates without Cydia
  • NOT battery intensive. It checks if it’s stolen on an interval, and doesn’t report its location unless it is told to be tracked.
  • Does NOT require a thief to run an application manually (like "Private-i")
  • Runs when phone is locked, or in "sleep" mode
  • Not locked to a SIM card, if it is switched the phone is still identified
  • Reports its accuracy, so you KNOW if you’re going to the correct place
Where do I get it?

It is currently available in Cydia, for jailbroken iPhone owners.

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  1. lucas

    June 28, 2010 6:03 pm

    Findmyi framework always crashes on ipad, spring board restarts every 30 seconds

    • admin

      June 28, 2010 6:35 pm

      i do not think that FindMyi has been updated to support iOS 3.2

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