My 2 Cents:   Now this might just be a good reason people why start to move away from the iPhone.  Have always been surprised that Apple was not trying harder to work better with flash.  Have to say that it looks pretty good on this device…hope to see it soon on other devices :O)

In addition to the features announced on Tuesday at the Google press conference, the Nexus One will be getting even more functionality down the road, specifically Flash Player 10.1. In the video above, Adrian Ludwig of Adobe shows off the some of the work the company has been doing to bring Flash player to mobile devices. He demos several sites with various Flash elements, such as games, video, advertisements–all smoothly running on the Nexus One.

[hidepost]Flash Player 10.1 is said to be coming to the Nexus One in the first half of 2010, but Ludwig said there’s still a lot of work to do before it’s ready. However, when the time comes, Adobe will make things easy by pushing Flash Player to users over the Web.


Flash Player 10.1 coming to Nexus One | Android Atlas – CNET Blogs