My 2 Cents: For all you crack-berries out there never really been that big in to phones but have always been quite impressed by the way RIMM has developed their devices and their newest addition looks no different.  If they still kept its respectable battery-life I really feel that this will be a winner ;O)

Today, Engadget answers the singular question on the mind of everyone out there who’s sitting at a solid oak desk in a glass office wearing a suit as they read this: what’s up with the next BlackBerry? The rumored BlackBerry 8xxx / 9000 series is getting a lot clearer today, and we’re happy to report that RIM’s cooking up a beauty to keep its legion of devotees loyal — and maybe even win a few converts along the way. Head on over to Engadget Mobile for pictures and video of the little beast in action!

BlackBerry 9000 in the wild – Engadget

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