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25 Best / Must-have [Paid] iPad Apps

My 2 Cents:  I have been meaning to do this post for the past couple of weeks and just have not had the time to get around to it.  First I would like to say that even though I don’t love the ideology of Apple they did put out a pretty solid iDevice.

This list of apps covers all categories and some of them do overlap with my list of best iPhone apps but all the ones below work on the iPad in full screen mode (forcefull is needed for some, like 4 of them) so that there is none of this 2x zoom crap.  Also note that there is no real order to this list…just the way I could remember them. 

1) FlightTrack Pro [Paid] $9.99


For those of you who travel a lot, this app is a must have.  Basically, everything that you would want to know about incoming as well as outgoing flights can be found through this app with push alerts…too nice

The best flight tracking app out there! Get push alerts, real-time flight itinerary updates, automatic synching, and beautiful, zoomable maps that work offline. Flight cancelled? We’ll even help you find alternate flights.

FlightTrack Pro supports iOS 4 so you can sync with your phone’s calendar, share flight data from within the app and easily multitask with other apps. FlightTrack Pro looks amazing on the new iPhone 4 since it’s optimized for the high-resolution Retina Display.

2) Analytics HD [Paid] $6.99


For those of you who host/manage sites you are pretty familiar with analytics.  This iPad app really leverages all of the functionality available within Google analytics on the beautiful  iPad screen.

The premier app for Google Analytics, Analytics App, now debuts on the iPad as Analytics HD! See charts and reports like you’ve never seen them before, and share them in a meeting with full screen charts!


iPad Screenshot 1

3) Pulse [Paid] $3.99


If you are a person that likes to read RSS feeds this is a nice one for you.  It takes your vanilla RSS feeds and turns them into eye candy.  The only issue I have had with it is that there is no read/unread functionality so not as useful as MobileRSS but looks damn good.

Catch up on all your news in this awesome news reader – so good it was featured by Steve Jobs himself in the WWDC keynote!

Pulse is a visual news reader for your iPad. It takes the news sources you follow, and instantly creates a visual mosaic of your news. Tap on an article, and you’re presented with a very clean view of the news story.

4) MobileRSS Pro [Paid] $2.99

imgres Now this is one of the best RSS readers that i have tried and trust me i have gone through a lot of them.  Previously i really liked NewsRack but MobileRSS just does the best job both online as well as offline.

If you like this app you will also like it for the iPhone.

MobileRSS Pro is a paid, ad-free, full-featured Google Reader client for your iPhone and iPod touch. If you have a free google reader account then you can use MobileRSS. With offline integration you’ll be sure to find MobileRSS a simple and effective way to track your favorite online content.

Note:  the vid is not in english but it was the only one that i could find on youtube but at least it gives you an idea on how the app works


5) Comic Zeal Comic Reader 4 [Paid] $7.99

imgresI have tried a host of different comic apps (Mobi Comic reader is good but not as many features) including Marvels, which i do have to say is pretty damn good, but the only thing is that it does not allow you to import your own collections in cbz, cbr, or pdf files you are out of luck. This is not the case with comic zeal.

The only bad part about this app is that it converts your files to folders and images on your iPad so your original files get lost during this process. I think this is a little bit of an issue but the pros of this app outweighs the cons.

They have also included an experimental panning feature similar to the one that makes Marvel’s app so good and it works pretty good as well.


  • Organize your comics by series, don’t look through hundreds to find the one you want.
  • Show you large covers, they’ll tell you more than a title.
  • Make it easy to move between issues when reading, you’ll go through a few in a sitting.
  • Reliably zoom in on content, not show you the same borders page after page.
  • Be smart about what to show you when you rotate the device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages.
  • Load big images fast, you don’t want to spend five seconds waiting for a page to load.
  • Load your comics using USB, wifi or even other apps like Drop Box.

Note:  the vid is not in English but it was the only one that i could find on YouTube but at least it gives you an idea on how the app works


6) Goodreader for iPad [Paid] $0.99

imgres33 For the price you really can’t go wrong with this app especially if you are going to be viewing PDF magazines / docs.  As long as the PDF files contain pure text then all fonts are crisp and are a pleasure to read.

Another really nice feature is the web based browser which allows for direct downloads links (DDL’s) to the app from any of you favorite sites..too nice.

Note: If you like this app you will also like it for the iPhone

Within moments of downloading GoodReader, you’ll be transferring files directly from your computer over a Wi-Fi connection, from the Internet or from email attachments. It also easily integrates with MobileMe iDisk, Google Docs, Dropbox,, and other popular servers.

With the PDF Reflow feature, reading your documents is a pleasure because it extracts pure text from PDF files and automatically wraps words. This amazing feature fits all of the text to your screen perfectly. That means you never have to scroll left and right to read the text.

7) iTeleport Jaadu VNC [Paid] $24.99

imgres I have been using VNC clients for a little while and none have come close or are as smooth as Jaadu VNC.  The only one that comes close is VNC viewer which i think does work a little better with Vista machines…just a little…but still i think that the multi-touch scrolling and other mouse inputs work a lot smoother on iTeleport.

iTeleport: a magical app that lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world.  Supports Mac, Windows, Linux, and AMX Touchscreen Interfaces. See your computer screen and control its keyboard and mouse from wherever: a few feet away, or even halfway around the world.

8) ToDo for iPad [Paid] $4.99

imgres If you use the ToDo list in Outlook this is a must-have app especially on the iPad.  It has a very clear look and works very smoothly.

Note: If you like this app you will also like it for the iPhone

Appigo Todo for iPad™ is the most connected iPad app and makes task management fun and simple. Synchronize with iCal, Outlook, or Get Appigo Todo™ for your iPhone or iPad touch and have access to your tasks anywhere.



9) ezShare Pro [Paid] $15.99 (works with forcefull – JB needed) 

imgres If you have the need to access computers within your home/work network or need access to FTP sites, this is the app for you.  It does have the same web server access that is found in GoodReader.

Note: If you like this app you will also like it for the iPhone

ezShare Pro is the ultimate tool for connecting to your computer. Access documents, music, photos and other files or view and control your desktop as if you were sitting in front of it.


10) iCurrency Pad [Paid] $0.99 

imgresNow this is one of the only currency apps that provides a native interface for  the iPad.  Even though it was the only one that I found does not mean that it does not provide a wide variety of functions.

iCurrencyPad is not just a simple and elegant currency convertor and calculator. iCurrencyPad also offers an up-to-the-minute world exchange rates "electronic board", and detailed charts showing current and historical trends of currency movements.


  • a polished, easy-to-use interface
  • 150+ currencies from around the world
  • favorite currencies to reduce clutter
  • charts for all exchange rates
  • flexible updates of exchange rates
  • multiple data sources for accurate rates
  • native resolution on iPhone, iPad and iPhone 4 Retina
  • support for iOS4 multitasking

I was not able to find a video for the iPad but the one below gives you a good idea of that functionality this app will provide.

11) TVUPlayer iPad [Paid] $4.99 

imgres This app is pretty self explanatory and was one of the best ones i have used.  It also does a pretty good job of streaming over your data plan even over edge.

TVU Networks brings you a live TV service with 900 channels from around the world. Now, the same great stuff that you watch on TVU on your PC, is available right here on your iPad through WiFi.

And while at home or at work, make sure you tune in and watch TVU on your desktop, at

12) IM+ [Paid] $9.99

For those of you who love to text, this is a must have app.  There are some free alternatives out there like Meebo (fullforce needed for iPad) but IM+ really is worth the $9.99. 

I have also tried Beejive but IM+ does a better job with memory management and I feel does not crash as much as some of the other alternatives.  Also with push notifications you are always connected.

All-in-One app for GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Jabber and Skype chat.  Universal iPad / iPhone / iPod app with full iOS 4 multitasking support!

13) iMeds XL [Paid] $3.99

imgres If you are a person that needs to lookup or track different types of medicines this is a must have app.  With a wealth of information and a clean interface, it is a great app to have…a little expensive though but for peace of mind you really can’t go wrong.

Not the cheapest, just the BEST. Most Complete Medication App on iPad–Over 7,300 FDA-approved medications; ONLY App to provide full Prescribing Info (all sections, not just a fraction). Unrivaled Search features–Search by drug name or DRUG CLASS (find meds for ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, and 300+ more classes).

No internet connection required.



14) Hurricane HD [Paid]  $3.99

imgres Now if you live in Hurricane / Typhoon prone areas this is another must have app.  All the maps and info are perfectly designed for the iPad and looks perfect.   

Hurricane HD helps you track all tropical storms tracked by the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center! Select a currently active storm, inactive storm or past season storm to view every detail available for that storm.

Use the arrows to move between plots on the broadcast quality interactive tracking map, viewing each plot’s detailed information including wind speed, lat/lon, speed/direction, pressure, date and time, and your distance from each point. For active storms, move through the forecast cone and view each of the points, estimated wind speed, and your distance from each forecast point.


15) AirVideo [Paid] $2.99

imgres Now this was one of my favorite apps for the iPhone and it is also one of my favorites for the iPad.  It has all of the same functionality as the iphone version but scaled for the iPad…too nice.

Still one of the best features of this app is the ability to stream pretty much any video format directly to the iPad.  With the ability to convert any file to mp4 (native apple video format) makes this a great app.

Air Video comes packed with features. It can share folders on your harddrive as well as iTunes playlists. It supports live conversion and offline conversion where the entire file is converted upfront. It lets you customize the conversion settings, zoom and crop the video.

* Air Video works over local network and over internet (including 3G). However to enjoy streaming over internet your router must support UPnP or NAT-PMP protocols so that Air Video can setup the port forwarding for you. Otherwise you will need to configure the port forwarding manually.

16) ePrint [Paid] $2.99

imgres For those of you who are looking for a way to print from their iPad this was one of the better solutions that I have been able to try.  I was able to connect my Bluetooth HP H470 printer and it worked like a charm. 

The nice thing about ePrint is that it works with shared printers on a network which is probably what many people are looking for. It was the same in my case.

There are cases where people have not been able to get this app to work so you might want to try the FREE version before you buy this one.

“ePrint” solves to print directory from iPad,iPhone or iPod touch.

For ink-jet printer users: Canon, brother, Samsung, Lexmark ink-jet printers are not available on ePrint.

Paid Version Only:

  • Web page printing. Also Downloaded Image or PDF file printing.
  • Various print formats
  • Print several pages
  • Borderless or Border printing
  • Supports shared printers by Mac (Regardless of Printer models)
  • Please test with “ePrint Free” at first, then get “ePrint”.

I was not able to find a video for the iPad but this will give you an idea of the functionality that it will provide.


17) Axis Cams [Paid] $4.99

imgres In my previous post i raved about iRa Pro which, don’t get me wrong, is great but at $899.99 was a little crazy but the nice thing is that if you do want to have it on your iPad it does work in full screen mode with the use of fullforce. 

If you want an App that can access IP based cameras (Axis) this is the one.  The images look a lot sharper than with iRa Pro and with the ability to switch from portrait and landscape mode easily.

View & Control your Axis Network Camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch
Great for those on-the-go.  Quick & Easy Access to your Axis IP Cam over both Mobile Phone and WIFI Networks.

I was not able to find a video in English but this vids gives you an idea of what it has to offer…too nice


18) F1 Timing 2010 [Paid] $24.99 

imgres Now if you are a lover of F1 then there is no app that comes even close to this.  The video below gives you a great idea of what this app has to offer.

This is the only official Formula One Live Timing and Track Positioning application for the iPhone and iPod touch. This application gives access to live timing and track positioning for all sessions – PRACTICE 1, PRACTICE 2, PRACTICE 3, QUALIFYING and RACE for the 2010 Championship.


19) iNet [Paid] $4.99 (works with forcefull)

imgresThis is a must-have app for all network admins especially if you manage a wi-fi network and want to make sure that only certified users are using it.  It also allows you see all of the running services that can be seen on your network

iNet Pro was ranked in the US-iTunes in March 2010 as "New and noteworthy", in April 2010 in category "Whats hot". iNet provides you with information about networks your iPhone or iPod touch is connected to. Its very easy and user friendly design even allows the inexperienced user to get a profound and understandable overview of a network and the running services.

Note: the video below is on the iPhone but it works great on the iPad



20) iTranslate Plus [Paid] $0.99 (works with forcefull)

imgres This app is pretty self explanatory and with fullforce enabled it allows you to to view it in all its full screen beauty.  With the ability to have text to speech this is a must have app when traveling to foreign speaking countries.

A universal TRANSLATOR for your iPhone!

Note: the video below is on the iPhone but you will get the idea

My Last 5 apps are some of my favorite iPad specific apps.

21) Field Runner [Paid] $2.99

Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants!

22) Roswell Fighter HD [Paid] $1.99

The game-play starts classic but will get more and more challenging over time while you face totally new and innovative game features. Mini-games and huge bosses will force your adrenalin to the limit.

23) FlightCtrl HD [Paid] $4.99 

If you were addicted to Flight Control on iPhone, wait until you see it in glorious HD! The App Store classic has landed on iPad with new ways to play and beautiful new graphics. If you’ve never played Flight Control before, now is the perfect time to find out what you’ve been missing!

24) Geometry Wars Touch [Paid] $4.99

Geometry Wars™: Touch utilizes higher graphics and faster processing to enhance the game experience and immerse players deeper into non-stop shooter pandemonium. This is sure to be the must have game for the iPad.
In addition to the six original Geometry Wars gameplay modes: Deadline, King, Evolved, Pacifism, Waves and Sequence, Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad will feature a brand new, adrenaline-filled mode – Titans! – exclusively on the iPad.


25) Scrabble [Paid] $2.99 

Challenge friends via Facebook, or square off in Pass N’ Play or Local Network Play. Play up to 4 friends per game! Any way you play it, SCRABBLE spells more F-U-N for everyone!

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