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Mvix unveils pocket-sized MV-2500U HD multimedia drive

My 2 Cents: For all you movie lovers out there just not satisfied with playing your movie collection over your iPod at the sub-standard resolution, or just want to be able to host movie-night anywhere this little device might be for you..  It also works as a portable drive…like any other similar device…

Honestly when I saw it I just had to get it.  I know that in essence it is just a $149.00 shell, but the ability to roll around with my movies (Divx / Xvid), (well…1/4 of my collections…I use a Buffalo terastation 4TB’s in conjunction with their DVD players in each room, up to 5 concurrent streams…I like) was something I wanted to be able to do.  Really did not like that I had to convert them each time if I wanted to use my 30GB iPod …

Will update when I have a chance to play with it…

If you’re already taken care of on the HD media streamer front, Mvix is hoping you’ll look its way for a more portable solution. The pocket-friendly MV-2500U checks in at just 5- x 3- x 0.8-inches and makes room for a 2.5-inch internal hard drive. The simple, LCD-less exterior means that you’ll need to access the interface on-screen after plugging in the (component, we presume) cables to your HDTV, after which you’ll be able to watch video files encoded in MPEG1/2/4, DVD (VOB, IFO), DivX, XviD, BivX or VCD (DAT) for both PAL and NTSC systems. You’ll also find support for AC3, MP2, MP3, WMA, OGG and M3U audio formats, and even JPEG photos can be shown in beautiful 720p / 1080i. Unfortunately, this wee piece will run you a stiff $149 before you even go hard drive shopping, but Mvix will happily add an 80GB, 160GB or 250GB HDD in there if you’ve got the coin.

Mvix unveils pocket-sized MV-2500U HD multimedia drive – Engadget

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