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It Wasn’t Me

Congress To Consider Legislation To End Minor Pot Arrests — First Marijuana Decriminalization Bill In Over Two Decades To Be Filed Imminently – NORML

My 2 Cents: Do you think that his will really happen?  Washington, DC: US Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) will introduce legislation in Congress to strip the federal government of its authority to arrest responsible cannabis consumers. Representative Frank made the announcement last week on the nationally syndicated television show, "Real Time With Bill Maher." "It's…

MacBook Air hacked in less than 2 minutes

My 2 Cents: This is for all you MAC lovers out there that always touted how secure MAC was...not that it was not true at the time but more to the fact that no-one wanted to hack the mac, because there was no reason.  Now with the growth of the NEW Leopard, that is no…

Lawsuit to possibly reveal RIAA secrets?

Things will get very ugly over the next few months for the RIAA, if one disgruntled file sharing lawsuit victim gets her way. Tanya Andersen, the single mother who filed a countersuit against the RIAA after the organization mistakenly sued her for sharing music online, attempted to hold it responsible for all sorts of heavy…

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