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Lawsuit to possibly reveal RIAA secrets?

Things will get very ugly over the next few months for the RIAA, if one disgruntled file sharing lawsuit victim gets her way. Tanya Andersen, the single mother who filed a countersuit against the RIAA after the organization mistakenly sued her for sharing music online, attempted to hold it responsible for all sorts of heavy

Hackers already jailbroken iPhone 2.0

It hasn’t even been released yet, but iPhone hackers claim to have already figured out a way to jailbreak Apple’s iPhone 2.0 software. The iPhone Dev Team said yesterday it has figured out a way to hack into the iPhone’s bootloader by taking advantage of the way the iPhone authorizes code that can be written

Apple sued for iTunes technology

  Apple Inc. was sued Wednesday over allegations its iTunes online music store and iPod music players are illegally using a patented method for distributing digital media over the Internet. Atlanta-based ZapMedia Services Inc. sued Apple in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, accusing the Cupertino-based company of violating two ZapMedia patents.

Anonymous comments may become illegal in Kentucky

  Although it’s not exactly clear how the law could be enforced, the lawmaker said outlawing anonymous posting could curb online bullying. Kentucky Representative Tim Couch introduced the bill in the state’s Legislature last week. Under the policy, anyone who contributes to a Web site will have to submit a name, e-mail address, and mailing