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mophie’s iPhone 3G Juice Pack ships today, not a moment too soon

My 2 Cents:  This for all ya iPhone owners out there that have been using their plones a little too mucha and have found out how utterly short-lived the battery is.  Seems that someone has heard your woe’s and designed a “JUICE PACK” for ya… It will reportedly provide up to 350 additional hours of…

Apple now selling iPhone 3G unlocked in Hong Kong

My 2 Cents:  This little update is for all ya out there that want to get an iPhone but still feel a little shitty about hacking the shiny new thing.  Seems that over there in HK apple is selling the fancy little device UNLOCKED :O) If ya have been waiting for this so that you…

T-Mobile G1 Vs. Apple iPhone 3G

 My 2 Cents:  Here is a nice little comparison between the new gPhone and iPhone.  What do you think…is it the iKilla? After the T-Mobile G1 was announced this morning, we went over the features of the G1, compared it to other phones, and listed what was missing. But we think a lot of you…

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