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Plex Client for Apple TV (2G) JailBreak Application

My 2 Cents:  It's so amazing how fast apps are being developed for the new AppleTV 2G and now there is a new one to add to the list, Plex Media Server.  This app is still in beta but it still works pretty damn well but I would suggest the optional higher quality with experimental…

British police allowed to hack into private PCs

My 2 Cents:  You know that it kind of scary the power that “Big Brother” holds…I can only imagine what they are doing in the states…nothing is safe anymore :O(  DAMN THE MAN The power of anti piracy organizations is constantly growing and latest news from Great Britain sounds somehow scary: The Home Office has…

Hands-on experience: Linux on the PS3

My 2 Cents: This is for all ya PS3 owners out there that don't mind getting under the hood of their toys.  I know that this is not a cheap piece of machinery but the feeling you get when that splash screen pops up on the screen is priceless :O)  Is installing Linux on the…

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