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Apple iPod Touch HD On The Way (AAPL)

My 2 Cents:  Now this seems like it might be another winning design from our friendly fruit :O)  Never saw the need for a iPod, iTouch, or iPhone but the idea of a 7-9in iPhone does sound quite nice but it would be a lot nicer if apple played nice with other products but then…

Firefox Adds Multitouch Gestures for Macs | Gadget Lab from

 My 2 Cents:  This is a nice little update for ya MAC owners…seems that gesturing just got embedded in the most popular web browser.  The latest beta version of Mozilla's Firefox browser brings built-in support for the multitouch trackpads on modern Mac notebooks. Back in October, Mozilla's Eddie Lee produced an experimental version of Firefox…

Apple notebook event is a go; say hello to the new MacBook Pro

 My 2 Cents:  If you are one of those people that have been waiting for the right time to switch over to MAC bow might be the right time. With the introduction of these new models Apple has been able to bring a totally revamped machine to the market…OLED display…SSD hard drive…NEW case design…back-lit keyboard…glass…

Apple introducing new manufacturing process, MacBook ‘Brick’?

My 2 Cents:  Seems that Apple might have a little surprise up their sleeve in the near future but this time it seems to be in the manufacturing realm instead of software… This new innovation will allow them to create a lighter & sturdier case design which will also allow them to rapidly prototype and…

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