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WPA encryption gets hacked; Wi-Fi no longer secure

My 2 Cents:  Seems that there is no longer a truly safe wireless protocol left…its seems that WPA has been cracked as well.  This does not really mean that you should throw away your wireless router merely that you should just be aware that you are not as safe and that changing your password regularly…

Free AT&T WiFi now at Starbucks

My 2 Cents:  For all you Starbucks coffee lovers out there is the US...seems like free WiFi is back.  Seems like its just a simple sign-up with the link below and you will be ready to go... Sign up It all looks legit and final. AT&T and Starbucks have finally rolled out their free WiFi…

$318 WiFi network bridge connects two locations up to 5 miles apart

My 2 Cents:  For those of you out there that have been trying to expand the range of their wireless network, this might be for you.  This is defiantly something I am going to be getting when I have time I will be checking out.  It sucks that there has to be a direct line-of-site…

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