My 2 Cent: This is a nice BETA app that has come out that you crackberry lovers might want to take at.  It should be able to save you a pretty penny but I will post an update when I try it out…

It’s been a long time in the making but Truphone has finally come around and released a BlackBerry version of its popular mobile VoIP application. S60 users have enjoyed Truphone’s low rates and impressive integration for a while now and more recently, iPhone users have gotten a taste with a version of their own. Here in the US however, the most likely candidate for such a service, BlackBerry, has gone without a client. While the integration is nowhere near as clean as Symbian of course, BlackBerry users are no longer at the mercy of US carriers when it comes to international calling. The new Truphone Anywhere app for BlackBerry is currently in beta but it does the trick just fine. When dialing an international number, the app will automatically ask the user if the call should be completed using the carrier voice channel or via Truphone’s VoIP network. With rates as low as 6¢ per minute, its a safe bet that Truphone will be the smart choice every time. To sweeten the deal, customers new to Truphone will get a $1 credit upon signing up – and $1 will take you further than you think. An important note is if you currently use Truphone for S60 you’ll have to shoot a quick email to Truphone customer service to have them switch your account over. To simplify the process, the Truphone app will generate the email for you automatically during the setup. Hit the read link to get moving.


Truphone releases beta VoIP app for BlackBerry : Boy Genius Report