My 2 Cents:  This is for all ya Second Life people out there…I guess you will have a third life to manage as well :O)  I personally have never been into these alternative worlds but they sure have been catching on. 

I have always loved my MMO’s (Diablo II, Guild Wars, etc.), they suck the time out of the day but it sure is nice when you finally get that drop you have been waiting for or creating that perfect item.  Never saw the point in just running around aimlessly through a world…but I guess some people do and if so you might want to take a look at “Playstaion Home” its still beta…

Sony PlayStation Home screenshot(Credit: SCEA)

If all goes according to plan, PlayStation Home will be opening its doors to the public later today. The PlayStation 3-exclusive allows gamers to interact with one another using avatars in a virtual environment via text or voice chat (think Second Life, but on the PS3). The free service is still in beta, but should be available to PS3 users worldwide by the end of the day.

Nintendo’s Wii launched with support for player avatars that can be used in many of its games, and the Xbox 360 added avatar and enhanced community features with its November 2008 New Xbox Experience makeover. But PlayStation Home looks to be the most sophisticated virtual world to date available on a game console, with realistic graphical renderings of people and environments. The Home world features mini-games, in-world music options, trophy rooms, and–of course–advertiser-supported destinations and stores.

What do you think: is Home a game-changer for the PS3? Or is it yet another environment to sell you "virtual junk" you don’t need? Share your comments below.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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