My 2 Cents:  Now I have been watching this brand for a while and I am a little disappointed that they are not going to be coming out with an actual product till next year, 2010.  The technology seems sound and the way it has been enabled seems to be very in a very good form factor.

The only thing that worries me if that with Sony and others have been displaying similar technologies which includes color, will this product be left behind?  I hope not because it does seem too nice in its initial designs…

If you’ve been waiting (and waiting) for Plastic Logic‘s ultra-durable e-reader, you’ll have to stick with recycled paper for another dozen months or so. According to a company representative at the outfit’s CES kiosk, the device is now scheduled for an "early 2010" release, and as expected, final pricing has yet to be determined. Though, Mr. Joe (seriously, that’s his first name) did admit that it would be "competitively priced for rapid adoption" and that the company would be pushing hard to get this into corporations / enterprises. Don’t believe us? The full five minute interview is there in the read link.

Plastic Logic e-reader not coming until early 2010 – Engadget