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Sony to develop own DRM-free music store

My 2 Cents: Its always nice when the big players in the industry start to notice that there is no way to stop music wether it be free of not from finding its way around the Internet....its nice to see that they are starting to see the error in their ways ;O) SonyBMG is working…

BestBuy gives away $10m to HDDVD buyers

                                                                                                                                       Trying to appease customers who ended up on the losing side of the recent high-definition movie format war, Best Buy on Wednesday said it would hand out $50 gift cards to buyers of HD DVD players. By surrendering to Sony-backed Blu-ray last month, Toshiba-led proponents of HD DVD left player owners holding devices reduced…

Apple considers unlimited iTunes downloads

A dramatic shift in the way you will be consuming and paying for music on your iPod or iPhone could be in the making, according to an article published by the Financial Times. Instead of shelling out $1 for each track, the iPod maker apparently is aiming for an upfront payment in exchange for access…

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