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The 6 Technologies That Shaped 2008

My 2 Cents: Here is a little info about the different tech’s that stood out in 2008….I personally use all of them :O) 1. Netflix Rocks Internet Movie Streaming A year ago, we would have guessed that Apple would become the dominant player in the nascent business of streaming Internet-delivered TV shows and movies to…

Blockbuster joins Netflix in video-on-demand

 My 2 Cents:  It seems that NetFlix is not the only one that wants VOD (video on demand) to be the next best thing since sliced bread.  It seems that blockbuster is going to be nice and give you the device (glorified DVD player) free but will it be able to keep up with NetFlix's…

Netflix and TiVo finally movie partners

My 2 Cents:  Now this is a match made in heaven….it was only a matter of time before these 2 services came together to provide internet based video on demand :O) all for a small monthly fee … of course :O) One of the longest-awaited partnerships in home video finally appears to be ready as…

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