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10 Must have FREE apps/Applications for the BlackBerry Bold / 4.6+ (Outside the US)

My 2 cents:  Ok now i have had my blackberry for a little while now and although i might not think that it is the greatest machine in the world i do think that there are some FREE apps out there that makes the phone a lot more fun. 

I have always believe that you might have the best machine (PC) around but without any good software its just a pretty paperweight.  Please note that there is no order to this and that most of these apps use a lot of bandwidth so make sure that your plan can support it and are still BETA but all work well…

Make sure to the the OTA links provided below from your BB browser for a fast and easy installation :O)


Qik: This is really fun streaming video app that allows you to share with anyone and everyone what’s going on anywhere and everywhere you go
OTA link

Google Maps:  Ok there is not much to say about this app just that it works and i know that even though you might not get directions in some countires it is still pretty cool seeing yourself (meaning the little blue dot) rolling down the street :O)
OTA link

Bolt:  Now i have only tried 3 browsers (BB / Opera Mini / Bolt) and this one is definatly the fastest especially on Wi-Fi…
OTA link

Flycast: Radio player that work outside the US…They now have a desktop client which i have been playing for a little while now and seems pretty cool. Its is a FREE service that gives you portable music and talk radio that’s , easy to use, and works ton the device already in your pocket – like the BlackBerry (Bold, Storm, Curve), iPhone (Original, 3G, and iPod Touch) and Android phones like T-Mobile G
OTA link

ÜberTwitter: This is a really nice Twitter Client with loads of cool functions and has been regularly updated because they are still in beta but been running fine for me.
OTA link

FaceBook (RIMM): Great Facebook client currently on 1.5.032 but 2.0 should be coming out shortly
OTA link

Gmail: This is an alternative mail client for your gmail account with some really nice functions but also with some fallbacks as well
OTA link

BuzzMe: I know that it sounds simple but having the ability to have your phone vibrate and ring at the same time is a very nice feature and will help you stop missing those calls
OTA link

Viigo: This great app for up-to-the-minute content and services.  In one simple, fully customizable application, Viigo delivers news, weather, flight schedules and status, real-time sports scores, stock quotes and market data, entertainment, hotel and restaurant reviews, blogs, and much more
OTA link

Vision for YouTube:  This is a great app for all ya video lover…very sleek design
OTA link

Let me know if there are any good ones that i have missed :O)

  1. Jon

    July 14, 2009 4:01 am

    Mobile Text Translator It is not free but has a free trial for some period. Cheers!

  2. Avile

    July 25, 2011 9:22 pm

    Awesome blog, Thanks for sharing it. 😉

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