My 2 Cents:  It’s been some time since I have posted anything on this site but when I saw this on just had make a post.  This will definatly make getting ready in the morning a lot more fun.  I am guessing that it’s running a Linux distro but I can already see so many commercial applications for this.

By Vlad Savov posted Oct 13th 2010 5:44AM

We’re still trying to rub the disbelief out of our eyes, but no, this isn’t a dream. The Cybertecture Mirror may look like yet another vapor-rich concept — what with its translucent overlaid interface and cloud-connected ways — but it’s actually just had its launch in Hong Kong, is set to start taking pre-orders in December, and will (hopefully) be shipped by the middle of next year.

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Cybertecture Mirror reflects our fantasies, looks set to become a reality