My 2 Cents:  Now I have been trying to get Netflix to work on the different devices that I have (iPad / AppleTV2 / XBOX360 / XOOM) and using the my previous suggestion solves the problem on a desktop using a service called hotspot shield.  Now this allowed you to watch nexflix using a PC but did not help with any of my other devices.

Now I came across a service that I have been using it for the past 3 months and it has been working perfectly.  Unlike other solutions like VPN & Proxies (which do not work on all devices), they also put a strain on your network (bandwidth).  With this DNS solution there are no bandwidth issues, as i can tell, and your IP address stays the same, so all traffic is routed though the quickest path.

Check it out…totally worth the $5 monthly charge for such simple and effective service.

About the service

Is Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, BBC or other video or social website blocked in your home or office?

Access social websites or watch your favorite shows and movies on your PC or Mac, game console, Internet enabled TV or Blu Ray player, iPod, iPhone or iPad. At your home, on vacation or in the office


How it works


Link to UnBlock Us & How to setup

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