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Grooveshark Online Music Streaming

My 2 Cents:  Now this is a nice addition to the steaming music services ‘GrooveShark’.  For those of you that know of Spotify in the UK you will be already familiar with that it does but for those that don’t chk out their site which is free to use … too nice.  Grooveshark is…

British police allowed to hack into private PCs

My 2 Cents:  You know that it kind of scary the power that “Big Brother” holds…I can only imagine what they are doing in the states…nothing is safe anymore :O(  DAMN THE MAN The power of anti piracy organizations is constantly growing and latest news from Great Britain sounds somehow scary: The Home Office has…

Lawsuit to possibly reveal RIAA secrets?

Things will get very ugly over the next few months for the RIAA, if one disgruntled file sharing lawsuit victim gets her way. Tanya Andersen, the single mother who filed a countersuit against the RIAA after the organization mistakenly sued her for sharing music online, attempted to hold it responsible for all sorts of heavy…

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