My 2 Cents:  There seems to be more and more reasons to get an iPhone and here is another one…you can now jail broken the 3G version of the lovely iPhone.  Well not exactly…you should be able to get your hands on it by the end of the year by the looks of it. 


The iPhone Dev team today announced on its shiny new blog that the iPhone 3G unlocking project, codenamed yellowsn0w, has been successful. iPhone 3G owners, you are now free to unlock your iPhone! Patience is a virtue as you will have to wait until New Years Eve for the Dev Team to wrap the unlocking tools and procedure into a nice easy package and release it for your unlocking pleasure.

The unlocking method is available only to jailbroken iPhone 3Gs and to those iPhone 3Gs that are running baseband 2.11.07 or earlier. The Dev Team’s post on upgrading to firmware 2.2 contains detailed instructions on how to upgrade and keep your unlocking ability intact. Hopefully, you followed those instructions closely.

Last but not least, the iPhone Dev team announced that it is not working on jailbreaking the IPod Touch 2G at this point in time. Others are currently exploring the possibility but the Dev Team has put that project aside for the time being. Happy New Years and Happy Unlocking!

Ring in the New Year with an unlocked iPhone 3G courtesy of the iPhone Dev Team : Boy Genius Report

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