My 2 Cents: Now if you have a jailbroken iPhone this app is a must have and to make it even better is free unlike its counter part multifl0w.  Its basically a Palm Pre-style application switcher for iPhone OS.  Been playing with it for the past day and have to say that it is too smooth and easy to use…especially if you already know how to use backgrounder.  Much thanks to rpetrich for the work that he has done on this open beta…too nice :O)


1) install backgrounder if not already installed
(search cydia)

2) add repo/source to cydia:

3) Search for ProSwitcher and install in Cydia


Remember ProSwitcher? We had written a few days back about this upcoming multitasking app for jailbroken iPhone users that was not only free and open-sourced, but was also better than its competitor Multifl0w; which sold at Cydia for $5, in a lot of ways.

Good news is that ProSwitcher is now out in public beta.

[hidepost]Early reviews have been positive about the iPhone app. One of the best things about this new

iPhone app is its seamless integration with the look and feel of the iPhone’s native features so much so that it gives no indication of it being a third party application.

That being said, the iPhone app is also performance-wise superior to Multifl0w. As we had already noted in our earlier article on ProSwitcher, this app consumes way less memory than Multifl0w which can be a big plus for a free app. However, Multifl0w could play catch-up on this aspect as Aaron Ash, the developer of Multifl0w has indicated that an update that will help in a "HUGE memory leak fix in multif0w" is already on the way.

However, besides the memory issue, ProSwitcher still looks like a clear winner. The iPhone app offers a lot of customizable features. For instance, you can choose how the background shall appear, how the various applications are displayed, how to close the applications, etc. This apart, there are more than ten ways to activate apps alone.

If you are interested to give the public beta version a try, you need to add this repository to install the iPhone app via Cydia. If you have already tried Multifl0w, we would love to know your views about ProSwitcher as compared to Multifl0w.


ProSwitcher: Multitasking iPhone App for Jailbroken iPhones is Now Available – iPhone Hacks