My 2 Cents:  Now this is another piece of tech that i am actually dying to see more of as well.  Seems like there are so many possibilities with this hardware….it really takes the Wii’s system to another level.  I guess that there is going to be some great things to come in the new year :O)


A new video emerged this week which supposedly showcases an individual playing Half Life 2 using Project Natal, Microsoft’s upcoming motion control platform for the Xbox 360.




[hidepost]The video is blurry and crudely recorded but you can see places where the player is moving objects in the game by gesturing with his hands. This Half Life 2 video is eerily similar to another rumored Project Natal video which surfaced late last week. In this other, earlier video, the same person in what looks to be the same environment is reportedly demoing Geometry Wars. Check out both videos and let us know what you think of these potentially early demos of Project Natal.


Half-Life 2 and Geometry Wars demoed on Project Natal for the Xbox 360? « Boy Genius Report