My 2 Cents:  I had been meaning to put this list of apps together after i got my new iPad but have not had the time.  This list of apps are here to help fill in holes in Apple’s iOS.  I know what 4.0 is on the horizon but here are a couple of well needed apps before you make the jump.

winterboard [Free]

See full size imageSaurik released an update for Winterboard, to make WB compatible with iPad. Winterboard allows you to customize your iPad. With Winterboard you can change icons, status bar graphics (WiFi, 3G etc.), iPad dock graphics, themes, sounds on your iPad. If you are jailbroken, you can customize your iPad with thousands of already available winterboard themes. We can expect some HD themes with in a week or soon

backgrounder [Free]
This application does exactly what it sounds.  It allows you to run apps in the backgrounds on the iPad or iPhone.  Now this is true back grounding so note that it does use a lot of memory and apps do crash because of this but still its a very useful addition.  If you are going to be using an app like proswitcher then this is core tech that allows it to work and will be install automatically

proswitcher [Free] (iPad support coming soon)

ProSwitcher, one of the best jailbreak apps that brought multitasking to the iPhone is about to be updated for the iPad. Ryan Petrich, the developer of ProSwitcher sent a tweet a few hours ago announcing the future release of the application.

BossPaper [Free]

This is a very configurable advanced wallpaper app that lets you control what wallpaper shows up on your SpringBoard. You may be saying, “But Winterboard does that!” Sort of, but not like this. BossPaper can work with Winterboard (or without).

iRealSMS [Paid] (iPhone only)

Now this app uses a lot of resources but it is a must have for those that SMS a lot.  You would think that some of these functions should have been already built in.  RealSMS 3.0 fills the gap with Folders, Drafts, etc., and then comes with features such as QuickReply, QuickSend, Contact Pics, Smileys, Templates, Search Feature, Forward via Mail, Privacy Settings, Password Lock, Character Counter & much more! Use it as a FULL Messages app replacement or just take advantage of the QuickReply & QuickSend.

SBSettings [Free]

SBSettings1So what is SBSettings? Its a HUD interface that’s available from any screen that also displays the status bar at the top; thus almost all applications. To activate the HUD you simple swipe your finger across the status bar, left or right, or even down from it. The HUD will then smoothly slide from the top of the screen to give you lots of information and toggles

 Androidlock [Free]

An application for iPhone users has been created that emulates the graphical dot to dot style lock on Android based phones. The normal way to access a locked iPhone is by using a 4 digit pin code. The Android lock system uses a series of nine dots in a 3 x 3 square that you need to replicate a pre-set pattern to unlock the phone. This functionality can now be loaded on to iPhones/iPads that have been jailbroken.

iBlueNova [Paid]

Bluenova will allow users to transfer any file via Bluetooth to other devices. It also has a built-in file viewer which will allow users to send any file on their iPhone.  iBluenova is successor of iBluetooth, the first iPhone app for the jailbroken iPhone to allow users to transfer files from their iPhone via Bluetooth, a feature which has been missing from the iPhone since its launch.

openSSH [Free]

OpenSSH provides you with the ability to connect your iDevice over Wi-Fi allowing you to transfer files from your iDevice to computer and vice versa. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to install OpenSSH on your iPad.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to change the default password!!!! (Alpine)


iFile [Shareware]

The Cydia app iFile is replacement for Finder or Windows Explorer on your iPhone. You can copy/move files to anywhere. You can set owner permission. iFile also allow you to transfer files through its Web Server also. With iFile you can create new Folders or Symbolic link. I have created a Symbolic link in Documents folder to my Files Documents, so that now I can easily copy files to Files Application or vice versa using iFile.

cydelete [Free]

Delete Colloq?With the advent of CyDelete, however, Cydia packages can now be removed like any App Store applications- hold down the icon, wait for them to start wiggling, and tap the X. What was once cumbersome is now integrated into the standard iPhoneOS workflow. It is a lightweight MobileSubstrate plugin that only does anything in Wiggle Mode.

PkgBackup [Free] is a K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple, Stupid) backpup application that allows you to back up & restore all the cydia packages installed in your iphone. You can even share/exchange/send your packages lists to others. I’m counting on your support & comments to make this app more KISSable ;). The application is also Facebook Connect enable so that you can proudly share the apps you have on your iPhone. Best of all, with SBOrganizer, it *NOW* backups & restores not only your springboard layout but *ALSO* categories.

MakeItMine [Free]

mmm1MakeITmine lets you remove the default carrier name like AT&T and put your name out there. The app also lets you customize the banner i.e. put a custom name instead of the clock that appears by default. All you have to do is enter some text in the white box and press either Carrier or Banner on the top to replace either!


FullForce [Free] (iPad only)

FullForce for iPad is jailbreak app that will automatically format iPhone apps to the resolution of the iPad without the distortion of the 2x zoom. Anyone who owns an iPad knows that all the apps you had for your iPhone will run on the iPad, and you can zoom them in, but they get pretty grainy. It makes me sad to see grainy apps when the iPad screen is so beautiful. FullForce tries to solve that sadness.

TVout2 Mirror [Free] this app lets you see your iPhone / iPad on your TV using AV cables.  Portrait and Landscape with Springboard in “mirror” mode on your TV and iPhone. Use the TVOutTuner application to position the view on the screen and enable/disable TV output. You may need to remove other TVOut packages if you encounter problems.

infiniboard [Paid]

Ever wished that your iPhone could scroll vertically on the springboard along with the horizontal scroll? It’s here, inspired from Android and more specifically Nexus One, it all makes sense. The app is called InfiniBoard, comes from chpwn, the developer of ProSwitcher and InfiniDock.

infinidock [Paid]

How many Icons can you put in your dock? 4? 5? 6? How about as many as you want!? Yes there is a way to do that with Infinidock from Cydia. Infinidock allows you to place as many applications that you want in your iPhones dock. For a video review, and how to get it click inside.


GV Mobile [Paid]

As we all know, Google Voice client app is currently not available for non-jailbroken iPhone users. Both GV Mobile and Voice Central clients for Google Voice were available earlier for a short period, but then they were soon removed by Apple from the App Store due to “duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc)”. Later, the developer Sean Kovacs brought GV Mobile to Cydia. Consequently, it is now available for jailbroken iPhone users (with GV accounts) for free.



MiWi [Paid]

img_0554MyWi, an app available for hacked (i.e., jailbroken) iPhones, turns the handset into a wireless 3G modem that can be tethered to an iPad. That means you can skip paying the extra $130 on a 3G-only model, along with the $15 or $30 fee for data, and get internet access for free from your iPhone’s unlimited data plan, instead.

uRemote [Free]

This is exactly what it sould like. A remote control for uTorrent’s webui interface and it works pretty well.  It even enables you to search for torrents and add them to your queue on the fly.

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