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My Top 10 Paid Apps – iPhone

My 2 Cents:  Just started to get used to my iPhone and i would have to day that even thought that i am not the biggest fan of MAC/Apple it is a pretty damn good product. Below you will find a list of my favourite paid apps…hope ya guys like them and let me know…

Welcome to the 2007-08 Next-Gen PC Design Showcase

My 2 Cents:  Here you will find the list of finalists for the next-Gen PC's to come.  Some of them are truly intriguing but others are just nutty.  See what you think with the link below... Read all Finalists  Napkin PC 1st Place Judges Award & Chairman’s Award WinnerEntry #863Avery Holleman The Napkin PC is…

Cuba ends ban on DVD player, computer sales – Engadget

Man, Fidel's out and already the kids are getting crazy: the Cuban government is finally allowing general consumers to buy various electronics, including DVD players and computers, for the first time. Only companies and foreigners were previously able to buy computers, while the looming threat of terrible Hollywood movies had forced Cuban authorities to seize…

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