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My 2 Cents:  Now this is another piece of tech that i am actually dying to see more of as well.  Seems like there are so many possibilities with this hardware….it really takes the Wii’s system to another level.  I guess that there is going to be some great things to come in the new year :O)


A new video emerged this week which supposedly showcases an individual playing Half Life 2 using Project Natal, Microsoft’s upcoming motion control platform for the Xbox 360.




Click the link below to read the complete artricle...

Half-Life 2 and Geometry Wars demoed on Project Natal for the Xbox 360? « Boy Genius Report

My 2 Cents: If you are a gamer this is a service that i am dying to try….i know that it sounds too good to be true, but if it is…too nice.  They are still in beta but hopefully it will be up and running soon :O)

Sure, OnLive has already done live demos of its "cloud gaming" service, but it never hurts to get another comprehensive 48-minute video on the subject. In a presentation at Columbia University, CEO Steve Perlman goes over the nitty gritty of how game streaming works, the OnLive user interface (11:53), an inevitable Crysis Wars demo (16:35), Brag Clips (17:49), and of course the iPhone app (19:31). Though cellphone integration is still limited to primarily spectating and social networking functions, PCs and Macs can get gaming via a 1MB browser plugin, or you can grab the microconsole streaming box for your TV, which Steve suggests might be given away for free with OnLive subscriptions. If you have any more unaswered questions, check out the audience Q&A at 33:14, and the full vid awaits after the break.


OnLive shows off UI and iPhone use in marathon tech demo (video) — Engadget

My 2 Cents: Now if you have a jailbroken iPhone this app is a must have and to make it even better is free unlike its counter part multifl0w.  Its basically a Palm Pre-style application switcher for iPhone OS.  Been playing with it for the past day and have to say that it is too smooth and easy to use…especially if you already know how to use backgrounder.  Much thanks to rpetrich for the work that he has done on this open beta…too nice :O)


1) install backgrounder if not already installed
(search cydia)

2) add repo/source to cydia:

3) Search for ProSwitcher and install in Cydia


Remember ProSwitcher? We had written a few days back about this upcoming multitasking app for jailbroken iPhone users that was not only free and open-sourced, but was also better than its competitor Multifl0w; which sold at Cydia for $5, in a lot of ways.

Good news is that ProSwitcher is now out in public beta.

Click the link below to read the complete artricle...

ProSwitcher: Multitasking iPhone App for Jailbroken iPhones is Now Available – iPhone Hacks

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